Iron Worx is a Functional Fitness gym facility located in Port Hedland, Western Australia.
Our aim is to help people achieve their fitness goals;
Whether its to lose weight, become stronger, become faster, get fitter…
we’re here to help YOU, motivate YOU, teach YOU…
We believe that working out in a group environment increases your chance on achieving your fitness goals. When you join our gym, you also join the Iron Worx FAMILY.. members are often seen/heard encouraging and cheering on their peers during the workout, hi fiveing and congratulating when someone hits a PR in a movement and supporting when someone is struggling.
If you think we are a good fit, click the button below for a FREE trial and experience it yourself


We are located at 1/88 Anderson Street, Port Hedland WA ( next to Avanti’s Windscreen ).

Fully air-conditioned gym area, premium rubber floor matting matched with a custom built pull up rig. Some of the equipment you will find in our gym are Olympic weightlifting barbells and bumper plates, kettlebells, slam balls, strongman equipment, gymnastic rings and ropes, rowers and assault bikes to name a few.

Toilet and showers are made available to our members.

A kids room with couch, tv and play area is available for parents. Fully airconditioned as well.


Free Trial

Contact us via our email to discuss your FREE session to see if our programs suit you. We have different programs and class schedules that are available to you.


Introduction Program

We will allocate a time to have an initial pre-meeting with one of our coaches to clearly define what your goals are, what you hope to achieve at Iron Worx and a movement assessment session if needed.


General Classes

Once you have completed our Introductory Program then you are ready for your first class at Ironworxstrength. Visit our Pricing page for our membership options.


Iron Worx gym has a great community feel for all members, local and visiting, of all fitness level to feel included if they want to work on a better functional fitness.  The coaches are highly motivating and helpful while the members are equally friendly in helping all achieve their own fitness goals.

Kevin Tan

Member since September 2018

Since starting at Iron Worx, I’ve been surprised at the rate of progression.  Being consistent with the workouts over 4 months has me stronger than ever, at probably the lightest I have ever been in 6 or 7 years.  The varied workouts and strong camaraderie in the gym keep things interesting and challenging, and keeps me coming back day after day.

Jakeb Cumming

Member since July 2019

Great coaches who will push you to get better/ fitter/ stronger. I had never done this type of training before and within a few months my technique has improved considerably and I feel stronger than ever.
Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

Julie Herdoub

Member since December 2018

I have been training at Iron Worx since October 2018. For the first few months I struggled as the workouts were not challenging and coaching style was very poor.

However, since Kate and Ibs took ownership, the workouts are like proper CF workouts, they are more challenging and have helped me to achieve better results. Coaches are always there to help you to perform every exercise with the right technique so you don’t injure yourself. I have meet great people at the gym, they are always there to encourage you to keep trying and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Jerson Vergas

Member since October 2018