For me and Kate, we’ve always had dreams of one day owning or running our own gym.

Not because we thought we knew everything there was to know about fitness training,… but because we knew it was our passion and a lifestyle we wanted our kids to grow up in.

Our passion was due to the fact that our training had given us a new lease on life when we first began our fitness journey. It gave us great friends and a lifestyle our kids thrived on.

However, bills and life in general meant the dream of owning a gym was just that….

A dream.

We both worked long hours in shift work often the weekends would fly by, weeks mingled into one another and we looked forward to time truly spent with our girls.

Our training took a sideline and often you would find Kate at the gym at 2 am getting it done or both of us in the carport smashing a workout late arvo in the HOT and HUMID 40 degrees in South Hedland.

Kate had been hard at work with a shutdown for the company she worked for when I called saying

“Iron Worx is for sale lets buy it.”

She brushed it off as another yeah right moment replying with the good old

” yes dear”…

I rang her back saying we have a meeting with the owner the next day

“find a way to get to it..!”

It was a world wind after that and our first two months definitely tested us as working out the best way to balance work and the gym was tough task. Kate gave up her 9 to 5 and worked full time at the gym giving her more freedom to follow this crazy new lifestyle we had chosen.

The kids got to see her more now then they ever had when she worked for other companies. For the first time in 13 years she came home absolutely happy and smiling from her days coaching.  For me, I was lucky as the company I work for has some pretty family friendly rosters.  At the time we bought the gym I was working a 4 days 4 nights 8 days off roster which worked out well in balancing work and family time.

I love being able to help out when I am on days off it means now the girls never miss out on us but we also get to do what we love.

Kate thrives on the little things, coming home to tell me about someone reaching a full depth squat, someone running for the first time or someone who finally got that Pb.

We no longer say we have clients at the gym because everyone there is a mate and our kids have some pretty amazing people to look up to. We couldn’t ask for better Coaches then Vicky, Bree, Caf and Charina as they all bring their own unique coaching styles and all have hearts of gold and love the gym just as much as we do.

We believe that you’re not just a number, not just a client, not just a gym member…

We want to fully embrace you into our a community of like minded people and help you in your health and fitness goals.

Both Kate and I are soo proud of anyone who walks through our doors no matter their fitness level.

Just choosing us to help you in your journey fills our souls with pride and we will support you from day one because you are no longer alone you are apart of our awesome community called Iron Worx.

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